The Float Life | Kush VS Kush Hi

Note: This is not a sponsored review. I am a customer like any other and paid full price for both products.



Everything is tasteful. Based on the Kush Hi product page, Andrew Hernandez is doing the typography and artwork. You can find him on Instagram if you’re interested in his work.

Kush Tails:


The Kush Hi has significantly more tail. The difference when riding is noticeable and impactful.



On the tire side, they look almost identical. As such, I believe the Kush Hi is compatible with FlightFenders.

TFL Grip Tape:


Both pads come with TFL grip tape and perform equally as well. Without a doubt, the tape upgrade alone helps a ton over the stock grip. The Kush Hi no longer includes the little wings, this is only a cosmetic difference. I’m assuming this decision was made to reduce the chances of the tape peeling over time.



When transitioning from the stock rear pad, the Kush provides a welcomed amount of concaveness while the Kush Hi has a more pronounced tail with more “dish”.



Both the Kush and Kush Hi are made of 80a durometer urethane that is both shock absorbing and durable with a good balance of give and sturdiness.


The Kush Hi is 149 grams heavier than the OG Kush, for all intents and purposes, I don’t think this data point matters but it’s some factual info for ya.



  1. For a reason unknown to me, the center of the Kush high started bulging a little bit towards the top of the pad, however, this didn’t seem to impact its effectiveness.
  2. The cutout on the OG Kush is designed to accommodate a V1 sensor. Since V1 sensors are no longer available, the Kush Hi is updated to be compatible with a modified V2 sensor.

Overall Impressions:

After having put several hundred miles on each of the Kush and Kush Hi varieties, I rate both of them as solid products that will enhance your Onewheel riding experience.

I would recommend the OG Kush for someone who rides a lot of uneven terrain and the Kush Hi, to someone who is mostly on smooth pavement.

The Kush pad gives you the added confidence when laying into a carve, but doesn’t provide as much terrain feedback as the Kush Hi. Expect the Kush Hi to allow for more aggressive leans, but going through the rough stuff, it could feel twitchy to a novice float feen.

Float Responsibly 🤙🏼

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