Audi allroad – Whispbar Throughbar

If you own an allroad, it’s likely that you picked this car to handle a lifestyle that includes the great outdoors. Snowboarding? Skiing? Mountain biking? surfing? Family road trips?

Regardless of what you’re into, you’ll want the ability to take with you, more than fits inside the car. The first thing you’ll need is a dependable set of crossbars that do their job so well, you won’t feel the need to take them off when you’re not using them.

Thankfully, the allroad comes with raised roof rails from the factory which is a much nicer mounting point for crossbars than a bare roof. After taking some time to research all available options, I chose to go with Whispbars (acquired by Yakima).

There are a few different variants available:








  • Most flush of the three
  • No fit kit required


  • Not enough roof clearance for upside down ski/snowboards with bindings
  • Gets in the way of the panoramic sunroof operation
  • Accommodates the least amount of accessories (shortest useable bar length)




  • Raised for increased roof clearance (upside down binding clearance)
  • Still appears flush due to rounded edges


  • Accessory mounting space about the same as Railbars




  • Same raised clearance as the Flushbars (allows for upside down binding clearance)
  • Added accessory mounting space (longest crossbar length)


  • Some may not like the aesthetics (personally I love them)

So far I have owned and used the railbars (on a B6 Avant) and the flushbars (on a MKV R32). Both were fantastic products with their pros and cons outlined above.

This time around, I picked the throughbars. In my opinion, these look fantastic:


The recommended bar length for the allroad when using Whispbar’s configurator was the S16 Throughbar paired up with the K328 fit kit.

The installation was relatively simple but don’t rely entirely on the instructions provided, they are unclear and confusing at times. Just use your brain to fill in the blanks and you’ll be fine.

These bars are near silent on the highway which is perfect since I intend on leaving them on indefinitely.

And that’s all for now folks.

Cheers 🍻 !

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