Audi allroad – Enable Tiptronic Gear Display DIY

The B8.5 Audi allroad comes equipped with a very capable 8 speed tiptronic automatic transmission (torque converter). I’ve had experience with 5 gears, 6 gears and even 7 but never as many as 8!

I’ll start off by saying that Audi made the right choice to increase the number of gears for the 2.0T. This allows the motor to remain in it’s relatively narrow power band with little to no effort from the driver.

When driving in D or S, I felt a bit lost. The only thing displayed is D or S without any indicator of which one of the 8 gears the transmission is currently in.

This is something that should not disturb the masses, but as I am studying the car and getting familiar with it, this is information I like to see and have available at a glance.

Although Audi did not make this configurable via MMI it can be enabled using Ross-Tech’s ODB2 cable and VCDS software. Here’s how:

1- Turn on ignition, connect your ODB2 cable and launch VCDS. Select the Control Module.


2- Click 02-Auto Trans control module.


3- Click Adaptation – 10.


4- Select IDE04111-Single gear display for Channel (1B), select D on/S on for New value and click Do It!


5- Click Yes to confirm.


6- If you receive this error, click Yes to use default values and apply the changes.


And that’s all there is to it. From now on, you’ll know exactly what gear your tiptronic is in when in sport and drive modes.



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