Audi allroad – Heated Seat Fix DIY

Heated seats in a car to me is like a GPS, I don’t know how the heck I lived without it. Thankfully this has become a standard option and most cars come equipped with heated seats.

Although the allroad has heated seats in the front, it doesn’t have them in the back like my B6 did. Unfortunately, the passengers in the rear won’t get to enjoy a toasty warm seat on the way out of the ski resort. Looking past this problem, I quickly found an annoyance with the way the heat settings work.

When turned on (single press) it defaults to the max setting of 3 out of 3. Within 10 minutes it kicks it down from 3 to 2. I understand the design decision and think it might work for the masses, they are trying to get the seat heated quickly then drop it down a more “comfortable” setting.

This doesn’t work for me as I enjoy running the seats on max heat during winter. I am forced to press the button 3 times every 10 minutes to cycle it back up to 3. Although Audi didn’t allow this to be user configured in the MMI system, I did find a fix that works.

Using Ross-Tech’s ODB2 cable and VCDS software and a few clicks, you can disable or modify the timing of the auto kick down. Here’s how:

1- Turn on ignition, connect your ODB2 Cable and launch VCDS. Now click Select.


2- Click 08-Auto HVAC.


3- Click Adaptation – 10.


4- In the Channel box, type in 50 then click Read.


5- Enter 0 in the New Value box and click Save.

Note: 0 = disabled , X = number of minutes before kick down.

6- Click Yes.


And there you have it. Now when you turn on the heated seat, it will remain on the highest setting until you’re ready to lower it yourself.


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