2004 MKIV R32 Engine Oil & Filter DIY

This procedure has been documented many times, but most oil change DIYs have dead images due to the Photobucket scandal. I’m paying WordPress to make sure they can support the products and services they provide us with. So here’s a fresh one for you!

For convenience, I ordered an oil change kit and a Fumoto valve from ECS Tuning:

Kit Content: 6 Quarts Castrol Edge 5W-40 | OEM Oil Filter | OEM Drain Plug

I like running the engine first to warm up the oil, this results in a faster and more complete drain. Be careful with the hot engine compartment and oil. Don’t burn yourself!


  • Oil Drain Plug: 22 ft-lbs
  • Oil Filter Housing: 18 ft-lbs
  • Oil Filter Housing Drain Plug: 7 ft-lbs
  • Engine Oil: 5.8 quarts

01 – Align your ramps (if you’re lowered add 2x4s for bumper clearance). Slowly and carefully drive your car up the ramps. Engage the emergency brake before getting out.


02 – Remove the 4 torx screws (T25) that hold the small belly pan in place.


03 – Set your belly pan and four screws aside.

Note: This is a commonly lost part, you might not have one.

04 – Pop the hood of your car and crack open the oil fill cap to allow for proper air flow when draining.


05 – Place your oil drain pan in position underneath the oil drain plug. Keep in mind that once the drain plug is removed, oil will shoot out about six inches towards the back of the car, so the drain pan placement is important.


06 – Using a 19mm socket and wrench, remove the oil drain plug.


07 – Take a break and allow all of the oil to drain.


08 – If using a Fumoto vale, tighten the valve and adapter together. The adapter is required for proper fitment on the 3.2L VR6 engine.

Note: If using a standard drain plug, skip this step.

09 – Install the Fumoto valve or standard drain plug in place to a maximum of 22 ft-lbs. Do not cross thread and do not over tighten!

Tip: Ensure that valve handle isn’t facing directly down towards the ground. It can get caught.

10 – Remove the Oil Filter Housing using a 36mm socket and wrench. Normally you would drain the filter housing before removing it, but my filter housing drain plug is stripped.


11 – Remove the old filter and rubber ring from the filter housing.


12 – Lubricate the new rubber ring with some oil. Install it and the new oil filter onto the filter housing.

Note: If you removed the oil housing drain plug, replace the small rubber ring included on the tip of the new filter.

13 – Once drained, install the oil filter housing with the 36mm socket and torque wrench to 18 ft-lbs.


14 – Ensure that the Fumoto valve is in the closed position and start pouring in your oil. Use approximately 5.8 quarts.


15 – OK, just a few more steps to wrap up:


  • Replace the oil cap
  • Close the hood
  • Re-install the belly pan
  • Get the car started and backed off the ramps
  • Check level using the dip stick and top off if needed

I replace the oil and filter every 5,000 miles or every 1 year, whichever comes first. Feel free to do your research and determine how often you should change your oil.

There you go! I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to reach out with any comments or suggestions.

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