Disable Daytime Running Lights DIY

I typically don’t mind DRLs but with the MKIV R32 I prefer having full control over as many items as possible. Additionally, with the OEM Euro HIDs installed I want to reduce their use to when needed since ballast are both rare and expensive.

You may already know this, but with the MKIV platform you cannot disable DRLs using Vag-Com. So here is a very simple physical hardware hack that’ll get the job done and is fully reversible. (The following instructions apply to the OEM US light switch)


  • With the switch in the off position, push the knob into the switch body
  • Once pushed in, rotate the switch knob to the right
  • The switch knob will travel about halfway to the ON position, this releases the switch retention clips
  • Slide switch assembly out by pulling on switch knob and disconnect harness
  • Mask the pin labeled “TFL” with a small strip of electrical tape
  • Re-install switch by reversing above steps

TFL pin

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